Black Forest Distributed Ledger™

Black Forest DL™ interconnects digital ecosystems through "trustless and immutable" transactions that eliminate the need for trusted intermediaries. Our technology eliminates the impediments to the widespread adoption of distributed ledger technology in the enterprise. Enterprise developers can finally leverage this ground breaking technology to quickly create and deliver innovative new applications that drive digital transformation.

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A Revolutionary Distributed Ledger

Black Forest DL™ delivers the promise of blockchain by providing unprecedented security, privacy, performance, scale and consistency.

Millions of Ledgers

Black Forest DL™ supports millions of individual ledgers to fulfill challenging use cases. For instance, every individual could have their own ledger for their identity information or their medical records. For pharma track and trace, every pill bottle could have its own ledger. In financial markets, every participant could have a ledger for their account and shared ledgers for their interactions with other participants.

Horizontal Scale

Black Forest DL™ utilizes a novel approach that supports thousands of partitions, each executing their own parallel consensus sessions. Data partitions can be created, removed, or replicated amongst multiple servers seamlessly and on the fly.

Massively Parallel

Nodes can be distributed over any number of servers. Data operations and queries are performed in parallel. This includes spatial, temporal, and semantic search operations. Black Forest DL™'s novel data partitioning method supports incredibly fast parallel queries and transactions.

Zero Knowledge Consensus

The first entry in each ledger specifies the participants (public keys) for the ledger and the signature rules for the ledger. The participants must sign a given transaction with their private keys for it to be accepted by the consensus algorithm. Signature entries are integral parts of a ledger's transaction chain.

Zero Knowledge Transactions

All transactions are in the form of N-tuples containing a subject, predicate, and object. The fields are treated as "blobs". Black Forest DL™ has zero knowledge of their contents.

Strong Consistency

Black Forest DL™ transactions are atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable. Data modifications can be perfomed on multiple ledgers as part of a transaction.

Powerful Query Access

Black Forest DL™ provides a powerful query mechanism for accessing ledger transactions. A simple "GetLastTransaction" method is provided as well as a powerful query mechanism for iterating through long transaction chains N transactions at a time.

Fine Grain Access Control

Black Forest DL™ enforces access control using digitally signed user assertions and security labels. Even though Black Forest DL™ has zero knowledge of the ledgers and transactions, only valid parties can access the encrypted transactions.

Security Labels

Transactions stored with Black Forest DL™ have application assigned security labels, which add an additional layer of protection and control. Applications can manage their encryption keys based on the security level, compartment and group they assign to their transactions.

Gartner projects that the business value-add of blockchain will grow to slightly more than $176 billion by 2025, and then it will exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030.

No Comparison

Public blockchains using Proof of Work (PoW) are slow and transparent on purpose. Private peer to peer blockchain architectures are incredibly difficult to scale and suffer from eventual consistency.


Zero Knowledge means just that. Black Forest DL™ has no knowledge of the encrypted data within your transactions, even while performing consensus. Black Forest DL™ servers never have the keys to decrypt any transactions.


Black Forest DL™ provides fine-grain access control to individual ledgers so that only the participants of a given ledger can get get access to the encrypted contents. Application layer encryption allows only participants with the correct keys for the ledger to create and access encrypted transactions..


Black Forest DL™ provides unprecedented performance through massively parallel consensus. Millions of ledgers can execute simultaneous transactions with latency equal to single digit milliseconds plus any network latency required for packets to travel between replicas.


Black Forest DL™ can scale to thousands of partitions. Each partition has independent sets of replicas executing thousands of transactions per second. With enough partitions, Black Forest DL™ can theorectically scale up to 40 million transactions per second.

Zero Knowledge = Trustless and Immutable Transactions


Transactions Arrive Encrypted

Transactions are strongly encrypted before they ever reach Black Forest DL™.

Transactions Leave Encrypted

Transactions remain encrypted and can only be decrypted by participants with the encryption keys.

Immutable Transaction Chains

Individual transactions are chained together using cryptography. Multiple replicas must agree to add a transaction to the chain using our massively parallel byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm.

No Encryption Keys Ever

Black Forest DL™ never has the encryption keys for any ledger or transaction. Therefore, a successful attack on a majority of Black Forest DL™ replicas can't create valid transaction history. Zero knowledge allows Black Forest DL™ to provide trustless and immutable transactions without thousands of decentralized servers. Like the Bitcoin blockchain, Black Forest DL™ relies solely on cryptography for trust.

"A new world of connectivity is emerging. People — and the things around us — are increasingly connected to networks and sharing information, collaborating more across borders and gaining incredibly rich insights from big data. The World Economic Forum calls this the ‘hyperconnected world,’ and it will have a huge impact on the future."

Broad Spectrum Relevance

Black Forest DL™ can help your business protect and secure a hyperconnected future.

HealthCare IT

The current state of health care records is disjointed due to a lack of common architectures and standards. Claims processing is cumbersome and subject to fraud, and key medical insights are lost with poor record keeping and privacy concerns. Today's blockchains and distributed ledgers can't support the necessary throughput, volume of data, or read latency required. With BFDL, we can finally create an authoritative medical record for every person in the world stored and secured in a separate ledger.


Black Forest DL™ can increase the value of decentralized cryptocurrency blockchains by working in conjunction with these networks to solve their significant limitations for uses cases such as payments, sidechains and regulated exchanges.


The billions of smart devices being connected to the Internet could fundamentally change the way we live and work. However, there are incredible challenges around security and scale. Distributed ledger promises to provide the trust services that ensure the integrity of information, both being received from IoT devices and the information being used to control IoT devices. BFDL is uniquely well suited to support a network of devices and sensors because our ledgers are architected to link transaction chains instead of blocks, scale horizontally via partitioning, support up to 4,000 partitions, and support 10,000 transactions per second per partition. Black Forest DL™ provides the security, privacy, performance and scale needed to realize the promise of distributed ledger for IoT.

Identity Management

Black Forest DL™ has the security, privacy, performance and scale to support self-sovereign identity and a distributed trust model. With Black Forest DL™, every individual can control their own ledger and the sharing of the information it contains. "Trustless" interactions between individuals and digital businesses can be managed using two-party ledgers without trusted intermediaries. Black Forest DB can provide the efficient and secure indexing and search of identity information.

Pharmaceutical Serialization

The Drug Quality and Security Act requires the implementation of technology and systems to discourage counterfeiting. Serialization requires a system to track and trace prescription drugs through their supply chain. Unlike blockchain and other distributed ledger solutions, Black Forest DL™ supports creating an independent ledger for every pill bottle and provides the performance and scale to handle the required volume of transactions. In addition, Black Forest DL™ supports low latency reads required to quickly access the information about a given pill bottle. With Black Forest DL™, you can Record individual transactions not blocks, providing fine-grain compartmentalization for confidential access by regulators and auditors.

Shipping and Logistics

Black Forest DL™’s unique cryptographic compartmentalization will enhance transparency and facilitate confidential sharing of critical business information among supply chain partners, and help reduce fraud and errors and reduce waste and cost. With access to millions of ledgers, businesses can manage the individual paper trail of tens of millions of shipping containers across the world and digitize the supply chain process from end-to-end.

In a single second, with just nine partitions, Black Forest DL™ can

execute 100,000 transactions*

perform 500,000 queries

Black Forest DL™ scales linearly and supports thousands of partitions.

* - Each partition can execute ~11,000 transactions per second