As Data Increases, Our Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Have To

Moving towards a net-zero carbon future: Reduce compute, costs, and carbon emissions as the data your organization acts on increases.

The Inefficient Brute Force Issue

The primary function of computers is to act upon data. This involves brute force methods of processing and searching through large data sets.

Brute force methods use massive amounts of compute power and resources to perform, consuming massive amounts of non-renewable energy, waste production, and CO2 emissions.

Black Forest’s approach to organizing data uses less compute and is an exponentially more efficient way to manage the world’s data.

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How is Black Forest sustainable?

The real prize with big data is to generate insight from select pieces of information in a data set.

Black Forest’s method of searching for selective pieces of data significantly reduces computation and therefore, your carbon footprint.

This is due to our ability to rapidly index data and keep it always indexed for more efficient search.

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Inflation and Sustainability

Today, it is increasingly more difficult and expensive to get your hands on the chips that power on premise data centers.

This contributes to the capital costs it takes to be a data-centric organization, on top of the management of power, physical space, and the cooling necessary to operate a data center.

Black Forest reduces the need for capital equipment such as servers and storage.

With our approach, you can operate with a sensible cost input to the cloud while dramatically reducing your energy footprint.

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Ethical Data Management

In our digital world, we’re more connected than ever and rely on technology to provide fast access to data and information. But the process by which we generate and compute data has serious environmental impacts.

Big data can continue to positively influence the world if we can ensure the ethical and equitable deployment of these disruptive new data management technologies.

Our mission is to enable your organization to get more out of data with a clear path to meet carbon reduction goals in the future.

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