Unprecedented Price/Performance
for the World's Largest
Data Challenges

Craxel empowers the world's largest organizations to extract the value they must have from their largest
data assets.

Craxel's Black ForestTM, a next generation data analytics platform, delivers massive productivity gains through dramatically faster queries and rapid time to insight. Using a fraction of the compute of traditional algorithms, organizations can extract value faster and more efficiently.

Black Forest, leveraging Craxel's patented technology, is incredibly fast and efficient, delivering an entirely new way to organize data called time series graphs. Organizations can now connect the dots in their data across time.

It is so powerful, it fundamentally changes the game for the world's largest organizations with the largest data challenges.

The quintessential Black Forest

Black Forest Delivers Performance at Any Scale

The world's largest organizations needed a computer science breakthrough to quickly extract value from data at scale.

With Black Forest, insight is extracted from data at scale in a fundamentally different way:

  • Data is organized as time series graphs
  • Records are indexed immediately as they are ingested and readily available for use
  • Time to insight is dramatically reduced for ALL types of data

Black Forest Delivers Efficiency at Any Scale

Consuming massive amounts of computational power (aka brute force) is a feasible approach for achieving fast queries and rapid time to insight below a certain level of scale. However, brute force becomes incredibly expensive as data volumes grow.

Above a certain level of scale, brute force approaches become infeasible due to the cost and engineering effort involved.

Craxel's O(1) breakthrough delivers both performance and efficiency at scale. In fact, Black Forest brings incredible performance because it is highly efficient. This combination of performance and efficiency provides unprecedented price/performance.

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