Craxel's Black Forest is a new data infrastructure.

Your Data Available Immediately, with Less Effort

The most efficient way to organize your data for rapid access at scale.

So powerful, we think it just might fundamentally change the game.

The Data Infrastructure Revolution

Truth is, the world needs new math to power the digital economy.

With Craxel, the way you deal with data is fundamentally different. This is because data is organized immediately as its ingested, without limitations at scale. With more efficiently indexed data, query times are reduced and become more compute as well as cost efficient. Data quickly becomes more valuable and immediately available for use. Now, you can drive more insights that validate business decisions, drive action, and growth more efficiently at scale.

Our Black Forest data infrastructure supports transactional, analytical, and real-time mission critical use cases while using a common query interface, SQL, or our Graph API. Built to support all data types and complex query including time series, range, graph, SQL joins, and spatial query.

Extract insights in milliseconds, not days:

Operate in real-time, as data arrives

Craxel can index data with unprecedented speed, making “real-time analysis” actually real-time with data that’s organized more efficiently.

Our breakthrough indexing technology delivers orders of magnitude improvement in speed for ad-hoc queries. By bringing unprecedented order to your data, you can empower your team to rapidly extract insight from petabytes of data.

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Fueled by:

Craxel's Incredible Indexing Breakthrough

Speed up time to use with rapid query.

Craxel's Black Forest uses a unique algorithm designed to rapidly index and maintain data organization for high speed query. We do this using a fraction of the compute resources even the most optimized traditional data warehousing systems use.

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Maintain high velocity transaction speed and security

Obtain speed at any scale without sacrificing resilience or transactional properties.

Simplify and improve security, governance, and access control with granular, cryptographic compartmentalization of data and zero trust architectures enhanced by the worlds highest performance distributed ledger technology.

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Read more in depth about Craxel’s Black Forest to learn more about how we built a massively scalable data architecture for all of your workloads that delivers unprecedented speed, efficiency, and security.

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