We believe that data-centric organizations will accomplish extraordinary things when they have an exponentially better way to organize their data

We live in the era of exponential data growth

Data is eating the world

Today, most organizations are only capturing a fraction of the potential value of data and analytics because of an inability to efficiently organize it for rapid and cost effective query at scale.

Black Forest delivers an exponential improvement in the way information is organized.

Today, data-centric organizations don't have the right algorithms for organizing, querying, and integrating data so that they can unlock its value. We believe Black Forest will fundamentally change how organizations manage and consume data. The status quo can't keep you from drowning in data. Craxel can by bringing unnprecedented order to your data at any scale.

Craxel has created a suite of products with interfaces such as SQL to make it as easy as possible for you to bring unprecedented order to your organization's data.

Black Forest Data Platform™ decouples the organization of data from compute so that you can accelerate your analytics, AI algorithms, data fabrics, and data lakes in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge without throwing out your investments in your favorite tools and frameworks such as Hadoop and Apache Spark. Instead of expensive and time consuming brute force computation, Black Forest organizes your data for rapid and cost-effective query at any scale. This is an incredibly easy way to get started with Black Forest.

Black Forest Database™ is an OLTP database with extraordinary performance and data security features. This product is for your hardest transactional and real-time analytics challenges.

Black Forest Distributed Ledger™ is a distributed database that provides trustless and immutable ACID transactions at unprecedented scale.

Everything we do and everything we build is about making it as easy as possible for you to bring unprecedented order to your organization's data. We believe that is fundamental to your success and the success of your data-centric organization.

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