Black Forest Digital Trust Platform

Craxel’s mission is to transform the digital economy by providing the building blocks for unprecedented digital trust.

Breakthrough Technology

Our breakthroughs, including high performance searchable encryption, have uniquely allowed us to revolutionize the way information is managed; keeping information safe, accessible, and trustworthy at incredible scale.


Organizing the world's information with unprecedented security


Setting a new standard for establishing and maintaining digital trust.


Making information quickly accessible to those that should have it while protecting it from those that should not.

Our technology can secure enterprises, governments and critical infrastructure against the threat of cyber attacks, eliminating key impediments to the hyperconnected digital future. Our mission is to reduce the cost of trust with dramatic improvements in performance, privacy, and scale.

We really want to be in the position where only the customer has access to the data. Not us and not anybody else.

We believe the customer should be in control of their own information...We shouldn’t ask our customers to make a tradeoff between privacy and security. We need to offer them the best of both.

Transformational Technology

Revolutionizing the way information is managed by completely reimagining the database.

Realizing the promise of blockchain by delivering security, privacy, and massive scale.

Powering the Digital Economy at Hyper-Scale

We believe that our technology will ultimately power the digital economy by making it safer, easier, and more efficient for every person and enterprise to organize, find, and exchange information or value.

Cloud Security

Data Privacy Regulations

Self-Sovereign Identity

Payments & Capital Markets

Supply Chain


Companies will be able to securely store their information in the cloud without fear.

Companies will be able to easily and cost-effectively comply with data privacy regulations.

Self-sovereign identity will be feasible, allowing every person on the planet to have an identity, leading to the democratization of the digital economy. Individuals will be able to seamlessly control the sharing of their identity information.

Counterparties will be able to settle their transactions immediately and securely without expensive intermediaries or with intermediaries that provide fair value.

Companies will be able to trust their supply chains.

Citizens will be able to trust their elections.

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