The Future of Defense is Information Advantage At Any Scale

Our defense & aerospace customers are telling us that Black Forest represents a quantum leap in their quest for information advantage. Achieving information advantage requires the ability to organize massive quantities of complex information. Unfortunately, the computer science of the 1970's is not up the challenge. New computer science that can organize multi-dimensional data in constant time, or O(1) would revolutionize time to insight.  Without this breakthrough, it will continue to take too long to get the insights needed to achieve information advantage.

Craxel's Black Forest delivers this game-changing capability so that information advantage at any scale is now a reality.

Connections between locations

Achieving Information Advantage at Any Scale

Achieving information advantage requires that information is available to the right person at the right time. As soon as information arrives, it needs to be organized at line speed. Dumping information in a data lake and brute force searching it later is not a way to quickly deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

To achieve information advantage, humans and algorithms must be able to selectively query across massive multi-dimensional data sets orders of magnitudes faster than they can today. Finally, the data must be organized in a way that facilitates connecting the dots rapidly at scale. Achieving information advantage also requires information to be organized in a way that facilitates connecting the dots within the data rapidly at scale.

Better Decisions, Faster, At Any Scale

Information advantage at scale can only be achieved with an exponential advancement for indexing multi-dimensional data.

Today's algorithms simply can't index data at the velocity required for the future battlespace.

With Craxel, the way insight is extracted from data is fundamentally different:

  • Data is organized as time series graphs
  • Records are indexed immediately as they are ingested and readily available for use
  • Time to insight is pivotally reduced for ALL types of data

Speed and Efficiency at Any Scale

Black Forest delivers unprecedented speed and efficiency at any scale. Data is available as it arrives at line speed, enabling incredibly fast time to insight.

Craxel's unique O(1) technology decouples performance and cost from data set size. Powered by unique O(1) technology for indexing multi-dimensional data in constant time, Black Forest delivers extraordinarily fast time to insight for high volume, high velocity use cases, enabling both rapid human and automated decision making. The fast query times provided by Black Forest dramatically improve human productivity, while enabling the next generation of algorithmic and AI capabilities. Black Forest achieves both speed and efficiency because it uses a fraction of the compute power required by traditional approaches.

The next generation of algorithmic and AI capabilities will struggle with speed and efficiency without an exponential advance in organizing and querying data. It is the foundational building block for building information systems.

Speed and Efficiency = Better Decisions, Faster, At AnyScale = Information Advantage At Any Scale

Rapid Time To Insight

Rapid Time to Insight

When national security is at stake, waiting for data to be dumped in a data lake and then processed in a brute force manner is not acceptable. Humans and algorithms need well-organized data as soon as possible so that they can execute their jobs fast and efficiently.

Rapid time to insight requires two things. First, data must be organized immediately as it arrives at line speed. Second, complex data must be organized in a way that enables extraordinarily fast and efficient query. Otherwise, both humans and algorithms have to wait.

Rapidly Connecting the Dots At Any Scale

Achieving information advantage requires the ability to connect the dots within massive quantities of data quickly and efficiently. Organizing data in a way that facilitates the fusion of information is essential. Black Forest's time series graphs provides the ability to not only rapidly build timelines composed of everything that is known about a person, place, or thing; but to also maintain the relationships between those entities.  By organizing data as time series graphs, relationships between entities can be rapidly found and the dots connected with incredible speed.

Connecting the dots
Zero trust security

Zero Trust Security

Achieving information advantage requires a high level of compartmentalized security. Black Forest has a built-in zero trust architecture that provides pervasive compartmentalization of data.

In Black Forest, every record has a security label specified by the application-layer. Black Forest enforces attribute-based access controls against these labels. Access policies are digitally signed and maintained using cryptographic chain of custody.

Black Forest also provides a high-performance searchable encryption capability. High-performance searchable encryption allows every record stored in Black Forest to be encrypted at the application layer, and Black Forest never needs the encryption keys to operate. This means that Black Forest can't look inside any of the records since it doesn't have the keys to decrypt the records. Yet, queries are still incredibly fast. This is due to the power of Craxel's O(1) breakthrough.

The foundations of Black Forest were designed with very granular security controls and pervasive compartmentalization so that it could solve the largest data challenges in the toughest environments.