Operating at the Scale of Internet of Things (IoT)

The world is composed of trillions of people, places, and things, each with interconnected timelines.  Many of these things now have devices attached to them and are connected to the Internet, generating large numbers of events and huge amounts of data.  IoT has tremendous potential to drive automation and therefore, productivity and cost reduction.

Speed and efficiency at any scale are essential to realizing the potential of a new level of automation.

Internet of Things

Better Decisions, Faster, At Any Scale

Realizing the value of IoT at scale can only be achieved with an exponential advancement for indexing multi-dimensional data.

Today's algorithms simply can't index data at the velocity required for IoT at scale.

With Craxel, the way value is extracted from IoT data is fundamentally different:

  • Data is organized as time series graphs
  • Records are indexed immediately as they are ingested and readily available for use
  • Already collected data can be queried incredibly quickly using very little compute
  • Time to insight is pivotally reduced for ALL types of data

Speed at Any Scale

Craxel's unique and patented breakthroughs deliver rapid time to insight and fast query speeds over petabytes of multi-dimensional data sets. While speed can be achieved at certain levels of scale using brute force techniques, this type of speed is ultimately unaffordable and unsustainable. Instead, to maximize the value of IoT, efficient speed is required. Black Forest delivers incredible speed by being efficient. This efficiency is the result of avoiding reading so much extraneous data from disk, sending it across the network, and processing it in compute. This is exactly the breakthrough needed to maximize the value of IoT.

Black Forest delivers the right kind of speed and efficiency so that the value of IoT can be realized.

Rapid Time To Insight

Rapid Time to Insight to Enable a New Level of Automation

The promise of IoT is that now devices can connect with people and algorithms to enable automation. The volume and velocity of the data these devices can generate mean that unprecedented price/performance is needed for organizing and accessing this information.

Craxel's breakthrough computer science allows Black Forest to deliver the unprecedented price/performance and rapid time to insight needed to bring a whole new level of automation to IoT.

Enabling a new level of automation requires being able to extract insight from the information as soon as it is received.

Rapidly Connecting the Dots At Any Scale

The promise of IoT is that it can connect with people, devices, and algorithms. This ability to connect implies relationships between these entities. Black Forest's time series graph capabilities can represent both the time series nature of the data generated by IoT devices as well as the relationships or connections. The ability to organize data as time series graphs provides a fast and efficient way to connect the dots in the data generated by IoT devices.

Connecting the dots