Rapid Time to Insight Improves Productivity

Productivity is lost when either humans or algorithms must wait for data to be ingested or for queries to complete.

Making data available immediately as it arrives reduces time to insight, enabling decisions to be made faster and with the latest information. Days, hours, or even minutes to ingest data and extract useful information substantially decreases productivity.  

Delivering the right information at the right time to people or algorithms dramatically improves productivity.

Rapid Time to Insight

Only Black Forest Delivers Rapid Time to Insight at Any Scale

Many organizations desperately need to extract value from data as soon as it arrives.

Traditional indexing techniques cannot keep up with the volume and velocity for large scale use cases, which often are the most valuable.

Craxel's breakthrough computer science delivers a quantum leap for ingesting and indexing data at line speed so that it is immediately available for query by both humans and algorithms.

  • Records are indexed immediately during ingest and readily available for use
  • Data can be organized as time series graphs at line speed
  • Time to insight is pivotally reduced for ALL types of data
  • To get maximum value out of AI algorithms, rapid time to insight is crucial