Real Time Insights At the Edge

Edge computing demands software and services capable of operating and performing regardless of the compute, network, and storage resources available. The limited resources available make it incredibly challenging to rapidly ingest and extract value at the edge.

Black Forest delivers a robust and efficient data ingest framework capable of operating on a minimal set of resources.  Our breakthrough technology rapidly ingests and organizes data making it immediately queryable whether deployed in the cloud with hyperscale storage or in the field with local storage.

Edge Computing

Better Decisions, Faster, At the Edge

Speed and efficiency isn't only for the hyperscale data center. Price/Performance is even more important at the edge of the network, where resources are constrained.

Today's algorithms simply are too expensive for indexing data at the edge so that it can be readily available. Instead, data must either be back hauled to a data center or slowly processed on underpowered hardware.

With Craxel, data can be indexed rapidly and inexpensively at the edge:

  • Data is organized as time series graphs
  • Records are indexed immediately as they are ingested and readily available for use
  • Queries, even complex queries, take minimal resources
  • Time to insight is pivotally reduced for ALL types of data

Fast Federated Query

Operating at the edge with Black Forest gives users the flexibility to operate in a disconnected fashion, or as an edge node in the enterprise. Thanks to our federated query capabilities, users can execute queries that cover the data on edge nodes as well as all the data sitting in the cloud or on-premise data center through the same Query API.

Craxel's O(1) breakthrough provides a constant time locator for data that acts like a GPS device for data. Because of this algorithm, Black Forest knows exactly where information should be placed to keep the data organized. This works the same whether in a hyperscale data center or in a resource constrained environment at the edge. Craxel's technology allows Black Forest to keep an exquisite map of the data. Because this map is so efficient, it makes it easy to federate queries across many Black Forest deployments. This allows users to connect the dots locally as well as globally.  

Rapid Time To Insight

Performance At the Edge

Edge computing capabilities are typically limited based on the compute resources available at the edge. Price/performance is even more crucial in resource constrained environments.  The ability to organize data at line speed as it is generated or as it arrives at low cost changes the game for edge computing. The same incredible price/performance benefits found in Black Forest cloud deployments are realized when deployed at the edge.  

Rapidly Connecting the Dots At Any Scale

Information that is gathered at the edge is often meaningful in connection with information gathered from other people, places, or things. Black Forest facilitates connecting the dots across data collected from many edge locations, whether it remains at the edge or is gathered centrally. By organizing this information as time series graphs, both timelines and relationships can be rapidly accessed. Even better, these time series graphs can be federated, so that information can remain on edge devices. Yet, it can still be rapidly queried. Black Forest makes it fast and efficient to connect the dots across the edge, at any scale.

Connecting the dots
Zero trust security

Zero Trust Security At the Edge

Black Forest has a built-in zero trust architecture which includes mandatory access controls on every record that is stored. To successfully deploy at the edge, a high level of security is vital. Black Forest provides record-by-record or field-by-field access controls.

Black Forest also provides a high-performance searchable encryption capability. High-performance searchable encryption allows every record stored in Black Forest to be encrypted at the application layer, and Black Forest never needs the encryption keys to operate. This means that Black Forest can't look inside any of the records since it doesn't have the keys to decrypt the records. Yet, queries are still incredibly fast. This is due to the power of Craxel's O(1) breakthrough.

Between security labels on every record, mandatory access controls, attribute-based access control, and high performance searchable encryption, Black Forest enables customers to achieve pervasive compartmentalization of information. This is crucial to building a strong security model for operating at the edge.