Black Forest Reaper: Real Time Observability At Any Scale

Imagine your network:  millions of computers generating trillions of cyber events each day. How could you organize all this data to provide cyber warriors with real time observability so they can defend and secure the network?

Craxel’s Black Forest Reaper solves some of the most difficult cyber data challenges empowering threat hunters to act with greater awareness and decisiveness than ever before.

Black Forest provides real time observability across trillions of daily cyber events and forensic analytics across petabytes of historical data stretching back years. Our breakthrough technology delivers unprecedented time to insight by rapidly ingesting and organizing large quantities of high velocity cyber events, making it immediately queryable.

Threat Hunting

Cyber Insights In Seconds

Information advantage at scale can only be achieved with an exponential advancement for indexing multi-dimensional data.

Today's algorithms simply can't index data at the velocity required for the future cyberspace.

With Black Forest Reaper, the way value is extracted from cyber data is fundamentally different:

  • Data is organized as time series graphs
  • Records are indexed immediately as they are ingested and readily available for use
  • Sub-second query times over billions of records while using 90% fewer servers
  • Time to insight is pivotally reduced for ALL types of data
Cybersecurity Time Series Graph

Cybersecurity Time Series Graph Example

This illustration is a simple example of a time series graph for cybersecurity. There are four hosts, each with a timeline of events.

Conversations between these computers are captured via flow records. When these conversations happen, the timelines intersect and a relationship between the computers exists in the graph. DNS lookups also form connections between computers in the graph.

Capturing all of the different types of events for a computer and all the relationships with other computers is incredibly powerful. All the information is available in a single place, without asking multiple data repositories for different types of information about each computer.

Craxel's Black Forest Reaper allows time series graphs for cybersecurity to be created as the data comes in and at massive scale.

Speed At Any Scale

Traditionally, the volume of cyber data has been so great it is impossible to keep it all and query it to meet key performance parameters.  Thanks to Black Forest Reaper, all cyber data can be stored in hyperscale storage and still rapidly queried. This delivers unprecedented price/performance so that the real time observability needed to defend very large networks is possible.

Rapid Time To Insight

Rapidly Assess Impact and Take Action

Black Forest Reaper rapidly ingests cyber data, immediately fusing events of different types from different sources into a single time series graph:  all collected activities for every device on a network are available in a single timeline. Relationships between devices, such as when they've communicated with each other, are represented on this very same timeline.  Black Forest Reaper enables you to connect the dots, quantify impacts, and take corrective action.

Information needs to be available as soon as it can be captured and received by the data infrastructure.