The future of data is

Fast, Exquisitely Organized, and Instantly Accessible

Black Forest’s Cloud Data Platform is for massive quantities of data. Designed for engineering teams needing to operate rapidly on transactional or large data gatherings.

The Mathematic Advantage

Historic techniques for organizing data sets simply will never match up to modern data requirements.

Black Forest was built to accelerate the world’s transition to a data-centric digital economy.

Our indexes are built with an entirely unique approach, taking high velocity data and organizing it at line speed. This is how we maintain an exquisite map of your data for real time access, when and wherever you need it.

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Data Lake query engines are too slow and costly to enable large-scale, interactive analytics.

Brute force methods used by cloud data warehouses are too expensive and not sustainable at scale.

Legacy approaches are inflexible and expensive to scale.

Incredible Speed and Ad-Hoc Query at Any Scale

Current vendors claim to be rapid and efficient. But their infrastructure is inadequate to support the scale today’s organizations need.

This issue grows ever more prevalent with exponential data volume growth and velocity.

Craxel's algorithms enable very fast and efficient indexing. This allows applications and analytics to quickly operate rapidly on massive quantities of data.

De-risk operations with industry standard interface integration and meet the demands of real-time analysis with no regrets.

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A Secure, Unified Multi-Cloud Data Layer

Imagine the impact if companies could collapse their disparate data stovepipes and silos into a single unified, multi-tenant, zero-trust data layer where information is rapidly accessible to those that need it.

Unfortunately, today’s IT technology does not have a good solution to the data security problem, adding incredible complexity and costs to exploit and share information.

Craxel has a revolutionary approach to this problem that provides the security, performance, scale, elasticity, and resilience needed for a unified, zero-trust data layer.

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