Helping businesses navigate today’s data challenges:

Availability, Performance, and Cost.

A traditional SQL and graph database for your mission-critical workloads and transactional needs. Black Forest Database leverages Craxel's breakthrough indexing to support high performance OLTP workloads.

Break Free from Slow and Costly

A critical aspect of digital transformation is realizing and taking advantage of the value in data across the entire business lifecycle.

To do this efficiently, you need to index your data. Rapidly indexed data will always be faster to search and turn into an actionable insight.

Today’s solutions have failed to provide rapid indexing capability at a sensible cost performance while meeting security and compliance needs.

Black Forest DB provides you with a unified understanding and a consistent model to index, govern, measure, and secure your critical business data at scale. Index at rapid speed with a very modest amount of resources utilized, and at a sensible cost.

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Make Rich Decisions on Transactional Data

Businesses are under pressure to reduce costs and minimize latency at scale without sacrificing transactional consistency.

The Black Forest DB performs transactions at incredible volume and velocity operating to meet the needs of Atomicity, Consistency, Reliability, and Durability (ACID).

ACID transactions guarantee the highest reliability and integrity of your data set.

Our database ensures all of your mission-critical transaction needs are met 100% of the time with a massive gain in speed at a sensible cost. Fueled by our hash algorithm.

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Secure Your Data Layer

Sleep better at night knowing your applications are protected against insider threats and advanced attacks while meeting industry compliance standards.

Black Forest DB is a high performance, full-featured OLTP database with searchable encryption.

Searchable encryption allows database servers to index and efficiently query strongly encrypted data without decrypting it or having access to the encryption keys.

Such a secure data layer improves information security across teams, with the ability to store and efficiently organize strongly encrypted data without leaving it vulnerable in the data layer.

Communicate with ease by exchanging value and information securely across internal applications.

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