What is Craxel’s Black Forest?

A revolutionary data infrastructure that is empowering the next generation of infrastructure builders and product teams.

We provide a product suite that addresses all of your OLTP, OLAP, and mission critical uses cases. Built to support all data types and complex query including time series, range, graph, SQL joins, and spatial query.

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How does Black Forest work?

You can think of our breakthrough algorithms as a special global positioning system (GPS) for data that instantly identifies where data records should be stored and accessed.

In computer science terms, this GPS for data is a special constant time hash function that supports all types of data and all types of queries efficiently.

We support transactional, analytics, and real-time mission critical use cases while using a common query interface, SQL or our Graph API. Until now, only simple key/value algorithms were constant time. We support all data types, seamlessly.

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Where do we fit in your tech stack?

Right in-cloud and on top of cloud storage.

Black Forest fits into your modern data stack seamlessly by fully supporting SQL, allowing you to adopt new-age technology with absolutely no regrets.

Designed for truly self optimizing, hands-off data autonomous management. With Black Forest, there’s no need for traditional database fine tuning.

Our payment model is very DuM

Only pay a fee for the data you have organized by our algorithms.

A Data Under Management (DuM) pricing model lets you access storage, compute, and network fees from your preferred cloud provider directly and without any markups.  This pricing model - along with the fact that for selective queries you’ll be accessing, transferring, and computing over far less data - allows your organization to enjoy the lowest marginal cost of queries and therefore, insights possible.

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6 darn good reasons why to choose Craxel

Improve your ability to operate rapidly on big data sets

No more than a few milliseconds to transform data from wherever it's stored into an actionable item.

Instantly access your data when needed

An exquisite map of your data to ensure constant time access to the most essential data points

Operate efficiently and sensibly at any scale

Pay for what you need, when you need it in an efficient and cost effective manor

Maintain resilience and transactional consistency

Eliminate the need for slow and expensive intermediaries in the digital economy while maintaining accurate and rapid transactions

Protect your data layer like never before

Sleep better at night knowing your applications are secure while meeting your compliance standards

Obtain the necessity of sustainability

A clear path into the future to meet carbon reduction goals stemming from massive amounts of growing data and compute challenges.