Keep Your Data Always Organized, No Matter the Size of Your Data Set

Support real-time analytical workloads over SQL, graph, time series, and spatial data sets at terabyte, petabyte, and even exabyte scale.

Always Indexed Data for Real Time Access

No costly maintenance of indexes or slow table scans.

Our breakthrough algorithms index data with an entirely unique approach, taking high velocity data and organizing it at line speed.

Supports highly efficient complex queries such as range, intersection, and bounding queries.

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Data Lake query engines are too slow and costly to enable large-scale, interactive analytics.

Brute force methods used by cloud data warehouses are too expensive and not sustainable at scale.

Legacy approaches are inflexible and expensive to scale.

100TB of data indexed in an hour for $100 in compute*

Index data with incredible throughput for real time access.

Once indexed, your data can be queried at high speed with very low computational cost.

Quickly and cost effectively build indexes for many columns or dimensions to support fast and efficient query at massive scale.

*Scales linearly

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