Highly Scalable SQL and Graph Database for Developers

Distributed database designed for mission-critical and high performance OLTP workloads.

Example of a time series graph for cybersecurity

Take event timelines and build relationships between entities in real-time as data comes in.

Data value decreases as the window for critical decision making closes. We’ve created a new way to analyze this type of data in real-time called a time-series graph.

Obtain real-time time to insight at even petabyte scale.

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Make Rich Decisions on Transactional Data

Businesses are under pressure to reduce costs and minimize latency at scale without sacrificing transactional consistency.

The Black Forest DB performs transactions at incredible volume and velocity operating to meet the needs of Atomicity, Consistency, Reliability, and Durability (ACID).

ACID transactions guarantee the highest reliability and integrity of your data set.

Our database ensures all of your mission-critical transaction needs are met 100% of the time with a massive gain in speed at a sensible cost. Fueled by our hash algorithm.

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Data Analytics

Enhanced Data Layer Security with Searchable Encryption

Sleep more soundly at night knowing your applications are protected against insider threats and advanced attacks.

Craxel’s high performance searchable encryption allows:

  • The data layer to contain strongly encrypted records and never have encryption keys
  • Scale massively through a highly parallel, distributed architecture
  • Be highly functional (ACID transactions and spatial, graph, and range query)
  • Pervasively compartmentalize information
  • Strongly protect against query access pattern and statistical attack
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Zero trust security